A Fairly Public Vow to Be More Monastic by Moneta Goldsmith

I have no idea what true love is
but last night at the Cafeteria
I overheard a woman order a

‘Thousand Island Iced Tea.’


From where I was sitting
I couldn’t see who this woman was
but it would’ve been clear to anybody
that she was first/second/third wife

So what I did, I sidled up close to her,
real cozy like, and I said,

‘Excuse me, miss.
What do you say you and I
make a train wreck of these next
fifteen months or so, then
go our separate ways?’

Moneta Goldsmith was the 2013 Grand Prize winner of Spark Anthology’s poetry contest. His prose & poetry can be found in such places as Sparkle & Blink, Under the Influence, & Best New Writing 2014. Most recently, he co-founded the popular lit mag & reading series ‘When in Drought’, which is based in Los Angeles.


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