About ExFic

ExFic is edited by Sophie Boyce, and aims to share and promote experimental fiction and poetry. We are about subversion, surrealism and freedom in writing, allowing writers to share their creations irrelevant of whether the traditional publishing industry thinks they’re profitable.

ExFic is the bastard child of a love for reading experimental fiction and a lamentation that there is not enough of it out there. There certainly isn’t enough being published. We will regularly publish to the site pieces of writing that subvert form, style, genre and any other conventions deemed acceptable in the world of publishing. At times our content will be challenging and offensive but it is our view that writing should be these things.

We are open to submissions and will be until our eyes dissolve and our fingers wear down so please check our Submissions page for the fine print.


About the Editor

Sophie writes her own poetry and fiction, but finds she is spending an increasing amount of time working with the words of others. In 2014, she opened Portent Press which is on schedule to release its first books in early 2015.


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