Narcissism Born by Jay Sizemore

The clitoris is the only god
worthy of being worshiped,
but we’ve been made ashamed
of our love for sex,
the pornography pews
are best sat in alone,
hidden from the stained glass
and the snow globes
where we keep our truths.

My selfishness is a genetic flaw,
passed down from an absent father
who’s never let me run out
of analogies for ghosts,
when new ghosts are born every second
and old ones haunt my veins
like names never given to children.

Selfishness and loneliness
are stripes on the same animal,
something without wings
that is convinced it once knew how to fly,
but forgot how in mid-dive,
falling into the open mouth
of a lust that feels
too obscene to touch.

Jay Sizemore writes poetry and short fiction that offends his family. He is way behind on reading the classics. His work has appeared in places like Ayris, Red River Review, DASH, and Spry. His poem “My Despair Trivialized” was nominated for Best of the Net 2013 by Cease, Cows. He currently lives in Nashville, TN, home of the death of modern music.

Check out his Facebook page here:

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