Fallout by Zev Torres

To choose. To believe
that to choose matters. To
believe that to choose matters so
we choose. Then we hope that choosing
really does matter so we watch with our
attention spread and scattered and we listen
with acuity dulled by gadgets and
devices plugged into our ears
and we wait our awareness
fading our convictions
soaked and wind-torn
for a revelation
that confirms
our faith
at least
justifies our


Zev Torres’ poetry has appeared in numerous print and on-line publications, including Estrellas En El Fuego, Maintenant 6, and the June 2012 edition of Bare Hands. He has published three chapbooks and is the founder of the Skewered Syntax Poetry Crawls. Since 2008, Zev has hosted Make Music, New York’s annual Spoken Word Spectacular.

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