Elephantal Humans by Laura Taylor

eugene asked why I liked women
I should have said hectocotylus that’s why
duck sex with screwdriving gangbangs that’s why
invertebrate hypodermic insemination
that’s why
but no
elephants are matriarchal
built with chastity-belt shaped penis-clits
it’s true
for the giants of drum-beating hearts
their consent is holy, is sexy, is built-in
my dark friend from cameroon
thinks lesbian sex is practice
likes his girlfriend to kiss girls
but not other men
eugene, I like elephantal humans.
more often than not,
their earthsuits are female
just as the packages you prefer
that’s why
and when your girlfriend prefers other lips
to yours
her yes is holy,
her kiss is never practice.

Laura Taylor was raised in Hawaii, but currently lives in Oklahaoma, which she says is Ok! For more poems and such, check out Laura’s blog.

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