Featured Author: Daniel Wallock


Styrofoam, ice, and a holy vessel flew across the ICU hall. The ending of life, begins with the falling of rhythm. The first lab coat flew parallel-left, the second lab coat flew parallel-right. Time seemed to slow; air did the same. The lab coats hit the floor and glanced up at the light. She stood in her gown with her palms covered in red, she saved her heart and for that she’s not dead. – Daniel Wallock

Daniel Wallock was born with seven life-threatening heart conditions. His heart and love for life are at the core of all his work, and he dreams of sharing his life story and inspiring others to love their life. In the past year he has won four writing awards, and his work has appeared in Burningwood, Wild Quarterly, Paragraph Planet, ExFic, and The Bolt Magazine. His first book – Right-Hearted: Finding What’s Right With a Wrong-Sided Heart, is available on kindle. You can read more of his work below.

On Light

Cavernous blacks envelope thick suffocating waters. A lone fish sways, while the current sits stagnate. Beaming in the distance a low hazy glow. The fish floats forward with a crystal-light reflection in his eyes. His eyes are bright as he touches down right next down to the glow. The water quaked, the light flipped up, and the jaws shot forward. The fish was gone, but the light remained.


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